the Order of Marduk

The Order of Marduk

Shortname: Whitecloaks


Organization Type: religious order

Symbols: the Hand of Marduk. Members of the order also garb themselves in white clothes and cloaks, leading them to be called the “Whitecloaks”

Followers of Marduk, the whitecloaks are disciples of law and order. They are disgusted and incensed by the depravity and corruption infesting Azhara, and see themselves as holy crusaders against the darkness that has enveloped their homeland.

The whitecloaks wage a battle on two fronts. Their first battle is in the councils, and in the court of the Sultan of Qudra, where they broker deals with members of the ruling class to advance their interests. While preferring diplomacy, the whitecloaks are not above resorting to more devious methods, especially when seeking to oust councilor whose corruption has rotted his soul past the point of redemption. A Whitecloak agent would therefore prefer to win over another councilor by turning him to his noble cause, but sensing resistance or corruption may instead frame the councilor for some heinous crime or simply have him assassinated. All impure acts are cleansed if they further the holy battle against corruption and chaos.

The second battle is waged on the streets, and in the minds of hearts of the citizens of Azhara. Their temples vie for prominence over those of other religious orders, peddling dweomers and healing in the hopes of winning over the hearts of the populace.

The more pressing battle, however, is against the far-reaching criminal web of the Daarun Syndicate. The stranglehold that the Syndicate possesses over daily Azharan life is the embodiment of the corruption and decay that infects the kingdom, and the whitecloaks expend no small effort in rooting out Syndicate agents or smugglers wherever they may be found. Whitecloaks have infiltrated the city guard and to a lesser extent the janissaries, and use their influences there to clamp down on merchants, traders, and businesses with Syndicate ties. However, their paranoia and unyielding adherence to the code lead to the persecution of many innocent merchants and businessmen, many of whom simply have dealings with the Syndicate out of desperation or necessity.

the Order of Marduk

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